What you need to do now

Now the process has started you will need to complete various things over the coming weeks and months.  To help you, key dates are in the next section.  We want you and your parents/carers to engage fully with the process and carry out "due diligence" in other words research carefully the courses you are looking to follow.

It is really important that you look at potential career routes and carefully consider what choices you make.  We understand and appreciate we can not make 100% of students happy 100% of the time, but even as a small school we have put together a really good offer with something for everyone.  

There are some rules that must be followed when choosing your options.

  1. You must have statutory PE provision, for most students this will be delivered through selecting PE in Block E and then you will be placed in the most appropriate group and qualification for your talents.  For those selecting Art Photography in Block E there is an expectation that you commit to the weekly Fitness Club, details of which can be obtained from Mr Day, or, you are part of the Queen Elegance Cheer-leading Team.
  2. There is only one prohibited combination of subjects which is GCSE Art and GCSE Art Photography, you cannot select both of these, so before you submit your form check that you have not selected this combination.  We would prefer you not to select Music and NCFE Performance Studies, but this is not prohibited
  3. Those students within only Set 1 for mathematics will complete an additional GCSE in Statistics alongside their mathematics studies.  This additional GCSE will both support and strengthen their mathematical ability as well as provide them with another well recognised qualification at GCSE standard.  Students not in Set 1 for mathematics at the start of Year 10 will not be permitted to study GCSE Statistics.  Set 1 students do not need to opt for Statistics, they will automatically follow the course within their mathematics lessons
  4. Only students within Set 1 Science will be able to complete GCSE's in the separate Science subjects giving them potentially 3 GCSE's in Science.  These courses are notoriously hard and the high grades achieved disadvantage students who are not able to achieve the high standard required.  All students in Set 2 and 3 will follow the double award Science course worth 2 GCSE's in Science
  5. GCSE Religious Studies is available for those students that wish to take it via Route A and Route B.  It is possible for Route C students to study it but they must discuss the implications of doing so with Mr Farmer
  6. Complete the Options Form supplied in your pack and return it to Reception before the Friday 22nd March deadline expires.  Please remember we will then look at your forms and address any issues or concerns that arise and set up an interview for you with a member of Senior Leadership to discuss your choices.  We will send you a firm options offer the week beginning Monday 29th April which you will need to accept and sign or contact Mr Farmer to discuss further  if required
  7. Option choices are very important, you will be studying them for 2 years.  We do not normally change an option choice after you have received and accepted your options offer.  Staffing decisions and use of resources are based on these choices so changing them is not normally permissible.  You must conduct due diligence before you submit your form and explore all of the things you are likely to study
  8. Students studying Geography will be required to take part in a weekend residential trip in Year 11.  This is a requirement of taking the course and forms part of the examination.  There is a charge for this residential, further details can be obtained from Mr Durham
  9. All options as detailed on your individual form are open to you, however sometimes, some subjects prove more popular than others.  If numbers are in excess of what can be provided for then there will be a process of re-assigning student choices based where possible on past performance within a subject.  There is no advantage to getting your form returned quickly, in fact we encourage you to take as much of the available time as available to research and make the best choice for you
  10. All students will take GCSE Citizenship through their Form Time, building on their Year 9 studies where they have been following the course, taking their examination in the summer of Year 10