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QEHS Options Process 2019

Thank you for using the QEHS Options Portal for 2019. 

I am sure you have all been looking forward to choosing your options for some time, for many of you it serves as a rite of passage into the latter stages of your education. The choices you make here may not determine your pathway through life, but they will certainly point you towards many possibilities as you progress.

The government now expects you to stay in education until 18. This may be at college, sixth form or as an apprentice where you will receive college tuition alongside a work placement. Whatever pathway you follow we have put together an options offer that will help you achieve and will hopefully let you choose subjects that interest you. We have a good selection of subjects from which you can choose and to a large extent you benefit from an open choice, though there are a few exceptions which are explained throughout the website and are covered in the "Rules" section.

The government continues to introduce many changes within education. You will study a course for 2 years and at the end of the course will be mainly examined on the knowledge you have gained (English Literature GCSE and Citizenship GCSE examined at the end of Year 10). It is vital that you choose those subjects that put you on the pathway you need to be on, that you enjoy and engage with and that you play your part over the 2 years to ensure you leave us as a successful student.

The government has brought in new ways of measuring how successful a school is. We are now judged on your attainment and on your progress. Attainment is the final grade you actually get in a subject, but progress reflects whether or not you did as well as you should have done or indeed exceeded expectations. Your teachers will be working hard to challenge and stretch you to achieve the very best possible outcome. This will also show through the target grades you are set which will be aspirational and something for you to work hard towards.

Over the next two years you will be attending college interviews, seeking meetings with potential employers through the apprentice scheme and having regular meetings with our careers advisor. You should use the time between now and your final option choices to research carefully the courses and the requirements of any particular further and higher education route you wish to follow.

The website is split into several sections, the main ones being the Route Descriptor pages and the Subject Descriptors page where the subject choices are listed and explained. There is also a page for the Core Offer.  These are the courses you will all follow.   You will also find a page with careers advice and links to important sites where you can gather all of the information you need to make informed choices.

This process is about you starting to gather the information you need. On Options Evening spend as much time as you can in the subject areas of those subjects you want to investigate further and remember that it is just the start of your journey through the options process.

Mr M Farmer